I asked Big Sister and she replied…

I admit it. I’ve had moments during this adventure known as The Radiant Alchemist where I have wondered what was the point and have felt scared, insecure and full of doubt. Why am I doing this? I wasn’t sure. So I asked Big Sister and she replied…

I see you hiding there

in the place between,

where the sun meets the shadow

and the world seems mean.

Their shoulds and should nots

feed your fears and deafen your ears.

Screaming do this, do that

bringing your heart to tears.

You cry…

“if I step into my light

then others will see,

the cracks and crevices,

the imperfections in Me.”

She continues…

It’s not the fear of “what is”,

nor the fear that “could be”.

Perhaps it’s the fear of knowing

How bright you will be.

How you will glisten

and shimmer and shine.

You will be so brilliant,

a light so divine.

And your glow will spread

in a steady, strong call

to other’s in hiding

where light and shadow fall.

They will slowly rise up

led out of the dark.

by your shining example

to fuel their own spark.

So dear one, do what you do

and repeat after me…

I am who I am

And that’s all I am to be.


Big Sister


ps. Being yourself in this world is not a selfish act. It’s your only responsibility and it’s the most generous thing you can do.

A little red couch reflection on scary new things and facing fears. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.39.48 AM


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